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18-hole golf courses, marvellous setting and welcoming Club Houses

The beautiful area of Lake Como, enriched by seven prestigious Golf Courses, is the ideal place for keen golfers. It is a sought-after destination for those who love this sport because the wonderful “Greens” are in an area rich in history, art, culture and natural beauties. Find below the short descriptions of the golf courses around Lake Como.

Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club
It was founded in the early 1900s and is one of the oldest courses in Italy. It lies in the hills above Menaggio, offers enchanting views over the surrounding countryside for an 18-hole court. The court and the park is set as “Old England”.

Carimate Golf Club
It was founded in 1961 on 60 hectares in the centuries-old parklands of the Castle, twenty minutes from the city of Como. This is a varied course, with broad, well-lit fairways in a hilly setting, which are a bit steeper only in the first nine holes.

Monticello Golf Club – Cassina Rizzardi
This Golf Club is just ten kilometers south of Como and it was founded in 1974 on about 140 hectares and has two 18-hole courses. It has hosted many Italian competitions, attracting the most prestigious professionals in the world. At the moment, Monticello Golf Club is one of the leading Italian golf clubs.

Golf Villa d’Este – Montorfano
Golf Villa d’Este founded in 1926; this 18-hole course is situated in the heart of the Brianza, on the hills that surround Lake Montorfano. It hosts important international competions.

Golf Club Lecco – Annone Brianza
Golf Club Lecco is located in Annone Brianza, and it looks into the lakes of Annone and Pusiano. It is a 18-hole course, where you can admire how the Lake Como Mountains face into these small and delicious lakes.

Golf Club Lanzo – Valle d’Intelvi
This Golf Club is situated in the heart of the Intelvi Valley at an altitude of 1000 m height. The 9-holecourse winds across the woods and clearings of Pian delle Noci, with view of the surrounding valleys and mountains.

Pinetina Golf Club – Appiano Gentile
Golf Club Pinetina was built in 1971 in a huge pine forest, 15 minutes from the city of Como and not far from Switzerland. It offers an 18-hole course.

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