Gin of Lake Como

Just local wild herbs for a certified liqueur “Made in Lake Como”

Witches, potions, herbs, views: is that the secret of Rivo, the Gin of Lake Como?

It is an Italian product, made by artisan passion, with familiar cure and lot of attention for the design, that distinguish all what is made in Italy around the world. It is just Rivo Gin, producted by the wild herbs that grow in the valleys above Lenno and Menaggio, adding spices and flavourings. These creations make up a bouquet of excellent flavours.

As wild herbs that grow on the hills and mountains around Lake Como we can find wild thyme, lemon balm, savoury, common anise, that mixed up with juniper berries and spices, to create the taste of a Gin Made in Como.

Recently launched, is its sleeker bottle and with a label with magic symbols, it is easy to find Rivo Gin in the locals around Lake Como. The package of gin is a perfect idea for gift or souvenir, or just to pick it up home. The label of the bottle tells a story made by rationalism, squared lines and geometric shapes.

But it remains to something magic and charming: the drawing on the label drives our mind to a stylized image of witches. In fact, there are lot of legends tell about the medieval times, when women took up wild herbs in the valleys and woods above Lake Como, to create and produce potions and magic. Reality or bedtime story, it is cure that all the flavours and the tastes given off Rivo Gin is distilled Made in Lake Como.
A family wanted to believe in this land: their hands collect the herbs in the valleys of Menaggio; so, Rivo Gin is a distillate of authentic flavour of the wild herbs and berries, but especially of passion and cure for the creation of an excellence product.

Tasting with Rivo, a Gin Tonic will have another taste!

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