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Free beaches on Western Branch of Lake Como: summer on Lake Como

Water, fresh breeze and breath-taking view: Lake Como is perfect during the summer, to enjoy nature, relax without frills and with lots of fun. After a tour on the Free Beaches on Eastern Branch of Lake Como, our suggestions continue on the other side, where you can spend pleasant days under the sun.
Relax, sport and fun for who reaches the beaches of Western branch of Lake Como.

Rezzonico Beach Few steps from the main road, it is a real paradise for who is looking for relax during the holiday on Lake Como. Stony beach, it is windy and not so known: that characteristic makes it perfect for relax, especially during summertime. Close to the beach there is a restaurant with boat dock.

Ossuccio Beach A small beach exactly in front of the green Comacina Island; this beach is known also as Miralago Beach. In the same location there is also a Lido, from where you can reach Comacina Island swimming!

Pianello Beach At Calozzo locality, there is a stony beach, calm and quiet isolated. It is located in a windy area, perfect for windsurf and kitesurf starting directly from the lakeside.

Domaso Beach One of the largest beaches of North Lake Como, the Domaso Beach is also easy to reach, because is close to the town. Crowded during the summer, it is grassy field and stony beach. In the morning there is a calm wind, and the lake is flat. In the afternoon Breva starts blowing, that is perfect for Kitesurfers and Windsurfers. Shadows under the trees around the park, it is close to bars and restaurants of the campsites on Lake Como.

Dongo Beach Grassy field and stony beach, it is calm but without any services. Close to the local campsites, you can use the locals, bars and restaurants of them for also renting sport equipments, especially SUP, kitesurf and windsurf.

Lenno Beach In the territory of Lenno there are to beaches: a stony one placed at the foot of the cape that hosts Villa Balbianello, reachable by a light walk; the other one is grassy field beach closet o the dock for ferry boat service. From there, to reach the water, there is a brief stairway.

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