Fishing Licence

Fishing on Lake Como: a relaxing experience immersed in the Nature!

The regulation of Regione Lombardia provides that Italian and Foreigner citizens have to making a payment of the total amount € 23,00, following the instructions below.
The licence lasts 12 months. The subjects under 18 years and over 65 years do not have to pay any tax. They must have an ID to confirm their age.

Whom fishes in water under exclusive use or under managed of associations, signed by cartels, must have the licence and the permission from the permit holder, or the association card.

Information for the payment:

Payment by Bank Transfer on B.A. IT95 D030 6909 7901 0000 0300047
Motivation: social security number; referral code: M1; motivation of payment “Licenza di pesca tipo B”

Payment by Postal Transfer on Postal B.A. n. 25911207 of “Regione Lombardia – tassa concessione per la pesca – servizio tesoreria”
Motivation: “Licenza di pesca tipo B”; personal data of the fisher

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