Diving in Piona Bay

Discover the Parco Tematico Subacqueo of Baia di Piona and explore the abysses of Lake Como

The “Parco Tematico Subacqueo della Baia di Piona” was born from an idea to open the town to a new kind of tourism: scuba diving. Lake Como could be a destination for a niche of diving, maybe technically complex and not so amazing by the view. Few light, cold water and not-friendly currents, make Lake Como like a unknown man, in an elegant dark suite, but cute and with an alluring gaze.

To test your limits and the fear of diving into Lake Como, we suggest a step at Parco Subacqueo of Piona, close to Colico.
The Parco Subacqueo is composed by a platform placed at a depth of 6m for immersions, completely safe and perfect for exercises under the water of Lake Como. A structure was created also to observe the fauna underwater and it is set at a depth of 9,5 m. There is also a little House of Cousteau, structure like the same futuristic project in Sudan. There are 2 buoys to find easily the House of Cousteau and the historical Comballo of Piona (typical ship). You can also start the hunt of the roman cave remains, spread in the bay.

To tell you a story could be Rinaldo Marcelli, a diver born and grow on these banks and in this water, who can’t leave his passion. Like a fish than a human, Marcelli still dives in the water of Lake Como since 50 years, and we can only understand that “the water of Lake Como is like home…”. So, why don’t visit these underwater grounds, like one of the few wild face of Lake Como?

Piona Bay

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