Church of San Fedele

Church of San Fedele in Como: between Romanic and romantic

The Church of San Fedele is located in the heart of Como, in the same-named square that was used to market. The shape of the church remains to a pre-existing building, but during the centuries, it has suffered several changing.

The church is of ancient origin, probably 6th century. Rebuilt in the 11th century in Romanesque style, it has a very unusual layout with 3 short aisles, 3 apses in clover-leaf shape and an ambulatory that, from the side aisles, ideally embraces the apses. The facade on Piazza San Fedele is a 1914 refurbishment that incorporates a Renaissance rose window. Particularly beautiful are the external apses with an upper loggia on thin marble columns and the annexed “Portale del Drago” (Dragon portal), a masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture. Inside, it is possible to admire traces of the ancient decorations, including a 13th century fresco of the Blessed Virgin Mary in an almond -shaped enclosure.

From the square, the Church of San Fedele in Como is simple and austere, maybe in contract with the noble atmosphere that you can breathe across the streets of the historical centre of the town of the lake. Rounded by small shops and small stores, this square still be a meeting place for the local population, admiring the façade of this Romanic church brings you to the times when Como was a medieval rich hamlet and in a strategic position for the territory. You can close your eyes and imagine a wagon coming in the square, some merchants shouting their offers, Barbarossa’s soldiers on patrol: a light and far breathe, just a blow, of another time.

The Church of San Fedele is open for visit from 08.30 to 12.00 and from 15.30 to 19.00, except during religious celebrations.
The Church of San Fedele is a holy place: respect this church and who is in pray, keep an appropriate behaviour, cover your shoulders during the summer and don’t use flash and phone inside.

Church of San Fedele

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