Church of S. Maria del Tiglio

A medieval atmosphere for a fairy-tale wedding on Lake Como

The architectural complex of Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona ed Uniti on Lake Como rises near the main church of San Vincenzo and close to the lakeside.

The most relevant elements are the bell tower, placed close to the façade, and the rocky walls, that make the ambient austere but elegant. The wooden ceiling makes a sense of medieval time, as to protect the bride and the groom from the assault of emotion during the marriage.

The Church of S. Maria del Tiglio is one of the most popular churches during the wedding season: with its typical aspect of the churches and chapels on Lake Como, it offers the perfect space for a medium-size ceremony; it is directly in front of the lakeside and it has a close car parking and it is easy to reach. The Church of S. Maria del Tiglio is not one of the picturesque chapels set on a peak or on a hill, but a ideal location for celebrating Catholic wedding on Lake Como.

The Church of S. Maria del Tiglio is perfect for the photo shooting, too: the gardens around the church are always clean and there the photographies after the ceremony will get great. Anyway the photograph could make a digital inspection of the area.

The Church of S. Maria del Tiglio has a little flaw: the parvis of the building is set with rounded pebbles: walking there with heels is not so easy!
Anyway, the Church welcomes baby buggies, strollers and is completely accessible for guests with limited mobility, thanks to special ramps that permit to pass steps of the original church plant. The same edge for the bride, thanks to the a little ramp at the beginning of the nave, that can also easily covered by a carpet.
The Sanctuary of Gravedona ed Uniti, for its solemn elegance and the amazing position, makes each wedding unique and special.

For any information about availability, permissions and parish, contact the Comunità Pastorale dell’Alleanza.

Santa Maria del Tiglio

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