Caves and speleo activities around Lake Como: an underground world to explore

There are numerous interesting caves in the area around Lake Como;. Some are open to the public, others can only be visited by cavers. The area known as the Lariano Triangle, which is the area that lies south from Bellagio in between the two branches of the lake the one of Como and the one of Lecco, is very rich in caves.

Splendid and suggestive natural creations, the caves bring the explorer into the bowels of the earth, between limestone sculptures and gates in stones.
In every journey into the caves, a world of mysteries becomes real. Beginning a cave excursion is not for all the excursionists: the Alpine Guides that work on the territory are available for further information and assistance about everything of caves and activities in this area.

Grotte di Rescia: Natural Caves and a marvellous Orrido of Santa Giulia

The seven natural caves of Rescia are located in Claino con Osteno, location above the Italian Shore of Lake Lugano. In these caves you can admire the water has created soft bends in the stone, as an artist shapes a sculpture in a rough material. The water, with its strength, has dig passages and tunnels, to create majestic stalactites and stalagmites.

The route, about 500 m long, is well known since ‘700, while the caves are been connected in a unique itinerary in the last centuries. Grotte di Rescia offers the possibility to observe so close the life in a cave, from the status of growth to the fossils.

With the excursion into the deep of the mountain, you can admire a marvellous canyon, named Orrido of Santa Giulia, with its amazing waterfall 70 m high. Grotte di Rescia are available to visit from April to September, only in the afternoon.

Grotte di Rescia

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