Carnevale of Schignano

The historic event with ancient origins

Schignano, a small village on the hills in the Middle Lake, shows every year a particular carnival parade of ancient origins. The parade takes place during the Roman Carnival.

The Carnival of Schignano traditionally begun with “Sapear”. These subjects, solemn and theatrical, has the faces completely black and long moustaches; they wear sheep dresses and have strange canteens made by pumpkins. Then, the “Mascarun”, who use wooden masks and colourful dresses, to testimony the prosperity. There are also called “Bei”, awesome.

In contrast with this group, the “Brutt”, who wear rags, close the parade.

The event attracts lots of people coming from the territory of Lake Como, with robust participation. At the end of the event a doll is burned in the square of the village: this signs the beginning of Lent.

Carnival of Schignano

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