Bouldering and Indoor Climbing

Gym and Indoor Walls to train and enjoy climbing around Lecco

Lake Como is a destination for sportive and mountain lovers; the greatest climbers of the history have climbed Lake Como Mountains, and there are lot of sport associations that promote these alpine activities.

The Rock Climbing Gym of Comunità Montana of Lecco, managed by Ragni di Lecco, a climbing institution of the sector, offers a bouldering area with trails, a vertical wall in 13 m with 5C-7A+ level difficulty, and a totally vertical wall in 18 m with 6C-8C level difficulty.

You can try climbing indoor during the afternoon, but something the structure is handled for sportive or cultural events. Rock climbing courses, sportive climbing and alpinism are organised there, thanks to alpine guides, federal instructors and the association that cooperate to promote this sport.

In Colico, the local alpine association (CAI – Club Alpino Italiano), shall make available to sportive a bouldering hall, with vertical walls, blocks and circuits of various difficulties. You can try this sport with the assistance of expert climbers, but also you can test your limit renting there all the equipement.

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