Baradello Castle

The Castle Baradello in Como: the protector of the Town

The Baradello hill was a strategic defensive site and now it affords beautiful views of the town. It rises into the Parco Regionale Spina Verde, and the tower dominates the town, the flatlands and the Pedemontana area.

Barbarossa emperor built the tower on the rests of more ancient fortresses, after the victory during the battle against Milan. Inside the Tower, a small museum keeps the original archaeological remains.
The prominent position of the tower permits to find it from every corner of the city, beyond to be visible to who is coming to Como from every direction: it is defined the relevance of a defence tower on a hill, strategic as well as impregnable.

Now it is a point of interest for excursions; Tower of Baradello is linked to the famous Palio, which moves across the ancient alleys of Como the medieval atmosphere, at the beginning of September.
You can visit the remains of the medieval defensive works and in summertime follow a guided tour of the tower during the weekends.

Baradello Castle

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