Archeological sites

Archeological sites suggestions for itineraries into the ancient history

To discover the signs of ancient populations, who lived as first the areas around Lake Como, is possible to follow an itinerary of history and culture.

Land inhabited thanks to the presences of water and food, it was a place of pileworks and small human centres since Bronze Age. There are two most important two archaeological areas: one close to Piani d’Erna and the other at archeological park of Piani di Barra. The traces found there remain to organized population, who were able to manage the iron, are searchable in the historical museums of the territory (Palazzo Belgiojoso in Lecco and Museo Civico in Como), that keep these precious rests.

The archeological itinerary can include also the visit to Isola Comacina and Antiquarium Museum, following the reconstruction of cultural passages of the inhabitants of the small isle in front of Ossuccio.

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