Antiquarium and Comacina Island

Comacina Island: a small green dot into the calm water of the Lake Como

Remains of Roman marble columns, early Christian evidences, mosaic fragments, numerous remains of Romanesque churches: all this constitutes the precious heritage of Comacina Island along with many artifacts that were recovered during archaeological campaigns that are displayed in the museum in Ossuccio Antiquarium.

Starting from the Antiquarium Museum, near which you can visit the Romanesque church of St. Mary Magdalene with it is famous Gothic tower, you embark on the waters of the lake, crossing the so-called “Zoca de l’oli” to reach the Comacina Island.

The only Island on Lake Como, it was the protagonist of the local history in Roman and Medieval times, resulting in a Roman military, a political centre, and one of the most important religious centres of diocese. Comacina Island was the stage for the brutal battles against Barbarossa, then was completely abandoned. At the beginning of the ‘900 became an archaeological site whose importance transcends local boundaries, so also is the most interesting archaeological sites in northern Italy in the early middle ages.
The Island and the Museum are open from March to October.

Antiquarium and Comacina Island

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