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What is an Ambassador?

You like Lake Como so much you want to share it with the rest of the world? You’re an Ambassador already! Share your pictures of the lake, events or everyday life around Lake Como and that’s it

How can I become an Ambassador?

Contact us writing a bit about yourself and send us your best pictures of Lake Como: we will contact you!

Can I just send a picture?

Sure! Send the picture/s to We will evaluate it and if it’s amazing as we think it will be, we’ll publish it on the official Lake Como Website or Social! Get around, have fun and take awesome pictures!

Best Pictures

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Our Ambassadors

Pierangelo Lanfranchi

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Diego Bonacina

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Mattia Copes

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Juri Jablokov

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Maurizio Moro

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Alessandro Rampoldi

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Angela Nunez

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Rodrigo Zatarain

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