Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta: the scientist from Como has invented the electric torch

Alessandro Volta was born in Como and is the most famous of Como’s illustrious citizens.
He was an extremely famous scientist and in 1799 he invented the electric torch, ancestor to the modern battery. The electric torch invention was so important that Volta’s name was given to the electricity measurement, today known as the volt.

The Voltiano Temple, small museum filled with original relics and instruments, inventions and objects exhibits chronological order. Near the original objects, the museum shows copies of studies, notes, reproductions and rests.

The Voltiano Temple is part of Musei Civici of Como and participates to the initiative “Domenica al Museo” (Sunday at the museum): free open every first Sundays of the month.
Another point of interest about Alessandro Volta is his tomb, found in the hamlet of Camnago Volta’s cemetery.

Tempio Voltiano

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