Accessible Diving

Explore the depths of Lake Como without barriers on Lake Como

Discover the depths of Lake Como is a fascinating experience, that fill you of enthusiasm each diver who is welcomed by the unusual landscape immersed in the freezing water of lake. From today in Cernobbio there are no more barriers for divers: everyone is welcome on Lake Como thanks to a new special boat with winch that brings any diver on a wheelchair.

A great breakthrough for this type of discipline, strictly connected to the physical skills of the diver. An dangerous activity, that need some precaution and technical training, but totally gratifying. What the diver’s eyes can admire under the water of Lake Como we can’t describe it!

Thanks to ASD Invincible Diving Cernobbio, the under water world becomes easy to reach for everyone, disabled and sightless people. Because the diving in Lake Como is not only to enjoy the views under the level of water, but also to feel the thrill and the emotion that cross all the cells of your body.

Thank to this special boat, all divers can jump, completely safe, in Lake Como. In Cernobbio Area is created a underwater diver gym, that with the Piona Bay for diving, aims to increase the attraction on Lake Como for scuba diving experiences.

The new boat permits to make therapeutic activities for who has serious pathologies to the locomotor system, or who is looking for a different activity as rehabilitation programme.
The opportunity to enjoy the emotion of a diving experience in Lake Como makes more special a holiday in this amazing land.

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