A Wedding Planner Story

What does it mean to be a Wedding Planner on Lake Como

A Wedding Planner on Lake Como makes dreams and emotions of newlyweds come true.
The greatest emotion is to walk together the couple for a part of their route of love. The Wedding Planner becomes a person who the bride can trust and tell about fears, emotions, desires… This support is fundamental to make true your dream! The main quality of a Wedding Planner is to hear the couple and understand their hidden dream.
The Wedding Planner will take care about everything of the marriage, all perfectly managed, without your stress and anxiety. Your only job is to enjoy this marvelous and unforgettable day on Lake Como!

How the wedding planner works

Each wedding is created on the vision on the couple, on their preferences and budget. The specialization of a Wedding Planner is to cooperate with the newlyweds to create, plan, make and manage their event, making it unforgettable, exclusive and unique.
Using a Wedding Planner means to avoid any stress for the wedding planning! You can save time and optimize your budget.
The Wedding Planner represents a person who can join all services, all pieces that compose the maxi puzzle of a marriage. Especially for tourists and people who come from abroad, the Wedding Planner chooses and manages suppliers, ensuring the maximum reliability and level of quality, obviously respecting the budget.

Is the Wedding Planner that chooses the location or is the location that chooses the newlyweds?

The selection of the location is fundamental. With the help of a Wedding Planner, the result is perfect. The professional can select private venues, secret corners of the territory to respect the desires and the budget of the couple.

What’s the strangest question?

In the world of Wedding anything can’t be defined absurd: no limits to the creativity! Some questions can be strange from the outside, but for a Wedding Planner is the normality. Here the Wedding Planner’s skills becomes true, finding the best solutions to make real a dream.

What the most popular place where anyone wants get married?

Italy is one of the most famous destinations for wedding, and Lake Como is consider a jewel. The confirmation of its beauties comes from abroad: the marvelous sceneries of Lake Como are perfect as wedding sets. Anyway, Lake Como is one of the most famous wedding destinations for Hollywoodian couple. For example, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski got married at Villa d’Este, Christine Teigen and John Legend in Villa Pizzo, or the British Martine McCutcheon Jack McManus at Villa del Balbianello.
The wedding of your dream combines a breath-taking view on villages, gems on the water of Lake Como, with an amazing tasting cuisine, everything cradled by the love song of the wind… The wedding on Lake Como is multi-sensorial experience just unforgettable!

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