5 Thing-To-Do in Varenna

5 suggestions for your holiday in Varenna on Lake Como

Varenna is a town on the eastern shore of Lake Como. It was initially a fishing village, but after the buildings of several villas, now it is one of the most elegant destinations of Lake Como. On its territory there is also a magnific medieval fortress, Castle of Vezio, but the jewel of the town is Villa Monastero, that hosts a museum, an exhibition centre and a pleasant garden, full of rare flowers and plants. Visit Varenna is an unique opportunity to be a part of Lake Como culture, from fishing to relaxing in one of the elegant villas, coming by train as a Grand Tour or arriving by boat from Bellagio, Menaggio or Lecco.

Villa Monastero
Are you looking for a relaxing day in Varenna and its surroundings? You can discover the secrets of Villa Monastero, the museum-house, and its marvelous botanic garden! Walk along the 2 km path winding across the park. Open to public from March to November, the garden is at its best during the flowering (end of spring). If you can, enjoy a romantic summer panorama during sunset, when the sun sets the lake on fire, Bellagio hovering in the background… Remember: Lake Como is not only water, but also nature!

Villa Cipressi
Recently restored, Villa Cipressi overlooking Lake Como from a panoramic position. Enriched by Majestic gardens, rich in vegetation coming from exotic parts of the world and Mediterranean plants; there, they have found the perfect climate to grow, thanks to the mind climate that characterizes this area. The villa is used as Hotel and it is an elegant location for events and weddings on Lake Como.

Vezio Castle
Feeling a thirst for history and antiquities? Castello di Vezio (Vezio Castle), open from March till November, will take you back in time thanks to its medieval atmosphere and its old-fashioned events. Perched on a rise above Perledo and Varenna, the Castle dominates Lake Como, fierce and stern. Glancing down from the lookout, you’ll feel like a true conqueror, a fearless knight admiring the sorroundings. Take a short walk, enter the Castle, open your eyes and you’ll find yourself looking at Bellagio from above. But the most thrilling spectacle has to be the summer sunset, when the sun burns the water surface below.

The shortest river
Fiumelatte is one of the shortest water-courses in Italy, with its only 250 m length before diving into Lake Como. The river has roaring waters that are foamy, giving it an incredible milk-white colour, a phenomenon from which it gets the name (Fiumelatte = Milk River). This river has a strange phenomenon: you can admire its roaring waters just from March to October, then they disappear. Curious, scientists and visitors are attracted from this strange: even Leonardo da Vinci has mentioned the “Fiumelaccio” in the Atlantic Code.

Sentiero del Viandante
A green itinerary through history and nature: the “Wayfarer Track” is what you are searching for! The route connects Abbadia Lariana to Perledo following the footsteps of ancient Romans, who opened this track to reach the small and isolated towns on the lakeshore. Starting from Varenna, you can reach Lezzeno: take the path going down to the creek Esino and go on to the ancient bridge, then rise to Regolo where you have to take the continuing path, firstly paved then dirt. Go on to Valle Masna, crossing the Woods of the Witches and then to Fabbrica. Here the path goes down to Bellano. Cross the bridge on the ravine and keep on rising to Ombriaco, reach the Sanctuary of Lezzeno, then proceed to Oro and Dervio.


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