5 Thing-to-do in North Lake Como

The Northern area of Lake Como will amaze you!

North Lake Como is the area composed by different little fishing villages, those dotted the north-western shore of Lario. The area is strategic to visit the lake and the sorroundings. These places are perfect to have a relaxed holiday between the water of the lake and the beauty of the nature. The marvellous landscapes from the banks look above Piona Abbey and Mount Legnone, at the opposite side of Lake Como. This area is well connected with Colico and Valtellina.

Forte Fuentes and Montecchio Nord
In 1912, the high commander of the Italian Royal army, before the Grande Guerra (The Great War), initiated the building of a fortress (now Forte Montecchio Nord) on the Montecchio hill, along the short piece of coast between Colico and the mouth of River Adda. Forte di Fuentes rises on Montecchio Est, in Pian di Spagna. This position is important, because from the fortress the soldiers could control Valchiavenna and Valtellina. The visit of both, better with a guide, is possible during the weekend from March to November, and in the summertime (July and August) during the week.

Piona Abbey
Placed in a peninsula in the calm water of Lake Como, creating a green bay, Piona Abbey offers one of the most panoramic view above North Lake Como and above the western coast of Lario. Piona Abbey has a mysterious charm, maybe created by the sound of wind that crosses the colonnade of this monastery. Walking around the courts, still cultivated by the monks who live in this marvellous place, you can admire a breath-taking view, breathing a calm and peaceful atmosphere, ideal to calm down anxious souls.
The mastery of Piona monks is a true story: still today they cultivate herbs, plants and vegetables to create herbal cures and liqueurs, always using their ancient recipes and traditions.

Palazzo Gallio
Built above the ancient castle of the town, is one of the most impressive building of North Lake Como. It is directly on Lake Como, face to Mount Legnone; it has two marvelous terraces above the lake and an enchanting garden. Palazzo Gallio is open all year and hosts several cultural events as concerts, exhibitions and workshop. It is also well known as location for weddings.

It is the come down of small torrents of mountain contained between high walls of rock, surpassing with specific technologies the obstacles that meet themselves; the most famous area for canyoning on Lake Como is Val Bodengo. Located in the farther corner of the valleys surrounding Lake Como, Val Bodengo has been able to reinvent itself thanks to an extreme yet very fun sport: canyoning! You’ll need the help of qualified guides, but still you’ll enjoy the freedom of the experience: jumping into crystal clear waters, sliding down waterfalls and rocks, rushing in the river whirlpools… If the thrill of the adventure is what you’re searching for, look no further than Canyoning in Val Bodengo!

In North Lake Como there are many famous sailing club, almost all the villages have a sailing base. It is easy to find a place where practise this sport starting from the dock of all villages of North Lake Como. All the club have courses for beginners for April to October. It’s also possible to cruise on Lake Como with bigger boats.

North Lake Como

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