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The town of Moto Guzzi welcomes you!

Picturesque and colourful village, Mandello del Lario rises between the water of Lake Como and the slopes of the rocks of Grigna. A magic place, where you can feel the authentic culture of Lario, the gourmet cuisine, appreciate the wind on a sailboat and immerse yourself into the Italian History. Of course, Mandello del Lario is the home of Moto Guzzi, the motorbikes with the eagle. Everywhereyou can see a piece of history, like an openair museum; the real museum of Moto Guzzi is close to the town centre.
A silent jewel, that will bring you in a different atmosphere, thanks to the stone alleys in the mountain boroughs and thanks to the marvellous squares above the lake. You can reach Mandello del Lario from Lecco in 10 minutes by car or by train.

Sentiero del Viandante
A green itinerary through history and nature: the “Wayfarer Track” is what you are searching for! The route connects Abbadia Lariana to Perledo following the footsteps of ancient Romans, who opened this track to reach the small and isolated towns on the lakeshore. Starting from Mandello del Lario, you can reach Varenna and Perledo, or get back to Lecco.

Moto Guzzi Museum
The museum shows the Moto Guzzi history and culture, bringing together a rich collection of over 150 exhibition pieces of production motorcycles, sports bikes, prototypes and experimental engines.
The Moto Guzzi Museum is located in Mandello del Lario, Lake Como, the original birthplace of the Moto Guzzi Eagle which was established in 1921.

The Grigne Range are calcareous, dolomite rocks, which rise at the eastern end of the Orobie Alps. The unmistakable landscape belonging to the southeastern slope of Grigna is outlined with ridges and gullies and then rises to pinnacles and towers, creating the impression of a continual vertical. Grigna also has an excellent natural heritage with a significant number of plants and animal species.

Tower of Barbarossa
Located in a picturesque location in the center of the village of Maggiana, a hamlet of Mandello del Lario, the Torre called Barbarossa allows us to take a dip in the past.
The name of the tower in fact leads back to the hospitality of the Mandelli family, who in 1158, according to tradition, would have made the Emperor Federico I stay, called “Barbarossa”, who would have used it to observe the naval battles on the prospective branch. lecchese of Lake Como, between the Milanese (allies of the Lega Lombarda) and the Comaschi (allies of Barbarossa together with Mandello). Inside the building there is currently the Ethnographic Museum which tells and illustrates, through objects and images dating back to the end of the 19th century and the first half of the following century, the events of Maggiana and the ways of life and work of the communities that they lived in these areas.

For lovers of sailing, Mandello del Lario hosts, since 1965, an important section of the Italian Naval League (LNI).
Every summer, the Mandello section offers sailing courses for adults, teens, and children.
The local club is located at the southern entrance of Mandello del Lario, a few steps from the sports hall; there is ample availability of parking, as well as functional services for racing and pleasure.
A few steps from the club there is a large port with numerous berths.

Mandello del Lario

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