5 Thing-to-do in Lecco

Welcome in the Town of The Betrothed, between Lake Como and the Mountains

Lecco, within Como, is one of the most important town of the territory. Well-known for “The Betrothed”, it was the city of industries. Recently, it becomes more human-size: you can enjoy pleasant walks through the city centre or along the banks, have fun during the events or try your limits with the several sports that you can train during an holiday in Lecco. The town is also a perfect starting point to discover Lake Como and Valsassina: it is well connected to Milan, by car and by train.

Walking on Lakes
Get an icecream during the summer or a take away chocolate during the winter, the walk on lakeside in Lecco is the perfect placet o relax and enjoy the silence of Lake Como, close to the town. The entire walk lasts about 3 km, but you can also reach Pescate following the cycling route near Adda River. The walk is amazing during the summer, where thousands of people flows into to enjoy the air of Lake Como. In winter everything changes: silence, calm and the flat water of Lake Como. A magic to take a photo and share on Instagram.
Events, shows and concerts are often organized in the squares in front of the lake.

Manzonian Itinerary
To visit these places, that the tradition established as the location of the events of The Betrothed, we suggest you to a have a slowly walk. The tour begins in the lower part of Lecco and goes from the hamlet of Pescarenico, where little remains of the San Cristoforo’s convent but where is located the church of SS. Materno and Lucia. In the Northern part, the itinerary continues into the Olate district, considered Lucia’s native quarter where the two lovers got married, then to Acquate, another district which was the stage of Renzo and Lucia’s love odyssey.

San Nicolò Bell Tower
The bell tower of the Basilica di San Nicolò in Lecco, known among the locals as “Matitone” (Big pencil), is ranked sixth between the highest ones in Italy. 96 meters high, it rises above Lake Como, sorrounding by mountains. It is easily the best viewpoint in the area, letting you take a look around and embrace the lake, the city and the mountains with a single glance. Climb on an unusual skyscraper and behold the breathtaking panorama; to find out when you can do it, take a look at the timetables.

Planetarium in Lecco
Experience the feeling of being one with the Universe, thanks to the Planetario di Lecco (Lecco Planetarium). Right in the city center, the Planetario’s the place no star lover will miss. Its timetable’s full of meetings, workshops and events: every month, the first saturday is reserved to children and schools, but you can check for other activities on the Planetarium agenda. Join one of the many excursion in the dark!

Lecco CultCity
Palazzo Belgiojoso in the town of Lecco is an amazing building dated the end of ‘’800 that hosts four museums: Museum of Natural History, Archeological Museum, the Planetarium and the Historical Museum. This area permits to discover the different aspects of the Lecco History during the times.


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