5 Thing-to-do in Green Land

Between Lecco, Como and Milan Green Land is a territory al to be discover!

The territory of Alta Brianza is rich of wonders, not only environmental and landscapes, but also economic and productive centre, with excellences and traditions. Explore boroughs, know parks and hidden naturalistic heritage, let them enchant you by stunning views and surrender you by the popular and culinary traditions of this land. It is easy to be reached by car or by train, from Como, Lecco, Monza and Milan. This particular position permits to it to be the crossing point for who is travel from East to West of Lake Como territory, but also for who is reaching Bellagio, Tremezzo or other marvellous lands.
Paragliding from Mount Cornizzolo
If you want to have fun between air and gravity, a tandem flight paragliding or hang-gliding is what you’re searching for during your holiday on Lake Como! Aeroclub Monte Cornizzolo arranges tandem flights, gliding slowly above the fields at the foot of the Mountain itself, providing unique and breath-taking views of Green Land!. Overcome the fear, accept the challenge of the flight and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Oasis of Baggero
Finding an oasis in the desert is a rare event that often reveals itself as being only a mirage. The Oasis of Baggero is a for real, a successful example of human actions on the environment to fix their own mistakes. Where today lie two beautiful small lakes, in the past used to be a stone quarry, where diggers and heavy vehicles worked ravaging the land. Oasis of Baggero succeeded in trasforming the whole area, creating a little piece of heaven!

Lake Pusiano and Isola dei Cipressi
Lake Pusiano is the only one of the Brianza lakes that has an island: the Island of Cypresses. It is a natural hill, which originally had a pointed shape and was ennobled in the Medieval era by two large walls that encircled the peaks to form a little upland area. The island takes its name from its numerous cypress trees and now is a private property, available for visits just on guided tours. If you want to admire the beauty of the lake and the atmospheric landscape surrounding it you can do so directly from the water, on board the eco-friendly ships starting from Bosisio Parini or Pusiano. There are various possibilities including a cruise that takes you to the Island of Cypresses.

Relax with Golf
Circolo Golf Villa d’Este is a big part of Golf History. Founded in 1926, Circolo is one of the most prestigious fields in Italy, hosting international challenges every year. On the hills sorrounding Lake Montorfano, in the heart of Green Land, the 18-hole course is so good it earned a well deserved Gold Star. Let yourself feel the peace and the grace of the enchanted Villa d’Este park, and enjoy an endless game on the green field.

Villa Sormani and Tenuta
The count Alessandro Sormani, great lover of royal residences of Provence, wanted that his villa in Lurago d’Erba was built following that precise architectural style. Villa Sormani and its gardens were finished in 1783 on the top of a hill, so that it can dominate on one side Pomelasca Estate and on the other the rest of Lurago d’Erba. The locality Pomelasca is composed by the plots of land owned by the noble family Sormani: it includes the delicious little red church, which houses the relics of some famous components of the family, the estate and the villa where the family lived and the farmsteads whose products supplied the whole area, scattered here and there in the wavy countryside.

Green Land

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