5 Thing-to-do in Gravedona

Visit Gravedona ed Uniti, a cozy town in North Lake Como

Gravedona, located on the western shore of Lake Como, is one of the most important town of the territory, thanks to its strategic position and the beauty of surroundings. Gravedona, animated by people and tourists during the summer, is reach of history and art: Palazzo Gallio and the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio along the lakeside in Gravedona, tell about the important past of the town. The marvellous landscape from Gravedona includes Piona Abbey and Mount Legnone, at the opposite shore of Lario. Gravedona is easy to reach from Colico, Como and Lugano, passing through Menaggio.

Palazzo Gallio
Built above the ancient castle of the town, is one of the most impressive buildings of North Lake Como. It is directly on Lake Como, face to Mount Legnone; it has two marvelous terraces above the lake and an enchanting garden. Palazzo Gallio is open all year and hosts several cultural events as concerts, exhibitions and workshop. It is also well known as location for weddings.

Kitesurfing is an action sport that combines parts of windsurfing, surfing, snowboarding and paragliding. It is composed by a kite, controlled by a bar, and a board. The kitesurfer moves on the water with the strength of the wind, controlled by the kite, above the waves; the directions are controlled with the bar. The perfect place where play this sport on Lake Como is all around North Lake Como, thanks to winds blow all year.

Santa Maria del Tiglio Church
The architectural complex of Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona ed Uniti on Lake Como rises near the main church of San Vincenzo and close to the lakeside. The most relevant elements are the bell tower, placed close to the façade, and the rocky walls, that make the ambient austere but elegant. The wooden ceiling makes a sense of medieval time, as to protect the bride and the groom from the assault of emotion during the marriage.

Lake Como Adventure Park
Lake Como Adventure Park is immersed in the nature, with several proposals for tree climbing, adrenalinic activities and jumps. There, qualified personnel controls all the attractions and trails. A day in Lake Como Adventure Park is a perfect alternative to be immersed in the nature of the valleys of Lake Como Mountains.

Parco Valle Albano
Parco Valle Albano is located in Gravedona ed Uniti and gets its name from the river that crosses the valley. The Park hosts several flora and fauna species of alpine area and it is the destination for trekking, biking and MTB lovers. On the trails you can also stop at the mountain huts along the route. The simplest excursions are Passo del Giovo – Rifugio Sommafiume and Passo del Giovo – Passo San Jorio.

Gravedona ed Uniti

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