5 Thing-to-do in Domaso

An amazing place for your active holiday on Lake Como

Domaso is a town on the western shore of Lake Como. This picturesque town conserves its antique urban structure. It lies directly on the lake, ideal for outdoor and water sports: for this reason Domaso is frequented by tourists from Europe all summer long. But Domaso is not only sports, but also history, art and tradition. Specially during the summer, the town is animated by events and festivals, ideal to spend a nice night after a funny day in the water. Domaso is also the town of the production of wine: tasting it means to discover the real flavours of this amazing land.

Windsurf and Kitesurf
Kitsurfing is one of the most popular outdoor activity on Lake Como, thanks to the winds blowing on its water. For the characteristics of water and wind, the area of Domaso is perfect to try this sport. The last few years have seen and increasing buzz around this sport, and now you can find a lot of Centres you can rely on to get the equipment and take a course. Many international events and competitions take place on Lake Como nowadays, be sure not to miss ’em! Many schools of Windsurf offer courses for children and beginners, specialisation courses but particulary you can have fun. It is then possible to rent the facilities necessary to do this sport.

Kayak and Canoeing
Even a kayak trip can become an extreme experience on Lake Como! Don’t worry though, you can rely on the kayak centres of Domaso to try out this sport the easy way. They’ll provide you with proper equipment, while also proposing courses and training tools. Ready to start your kayak trip and explore Lake Como from a different point of view?

Trekking and MTB
The territory offers alpine destination and many routes for mountain bike and trekking soaked in the peace of the secular woods that together with the tops of the mountains and the numerous alpine lakes offer unique landscapes.
In front of Domaso rises up to the sky Mount Legnone, perfect mountains to satisfy all needs of trekking, hiking, alpine sports, also during the winter season.
Along the main road that connect the coastal villages, there are roads that reach the little villages in the mountain and here the adventure begins, with routes for every kind of biker.

It is the come down of small torrents of mountain contained between high walls of rock, surpassing with specific technologies the obstacles that meet themselves; the most famous area for canyoning on Lake Como is few km from Domaso: surrounding located in the farther corner of the valleys sorrounding Lake Como, Val Bodengo has been able to reinvent itself thanks to an extreme yet very fun sport: canyoning! You’ll need the help of qualified guides, but still you’ll enjoy the freedom of the experience: jumping into crystal clear waters, sliding down waterfalls and rocks, rushing in the river whirlpools… If the thrill of the adventure is what you’re searching for, look no further than Canyoning in Val Bodengo!

In North Lake Como there are many famous sailing clubs, almost all the villages have a sailing base. It is easy to find a place where practise this sport starting from the dock of Domaso. All the club have courses for beginners for april to october. It’s also possible to cruise on Lake Como with bigger boats.


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