5 Thing-To-Do in Bellano

A Village sets between the stones and Lake Como

Bellano is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Como, close between the rocks of Grigne and the water of Lario, crossed also by the cold Pioverna. This one has created, during the times, a canyon, digging the rocks: its name is Orrido di Bellano. Bellano is a picturesque fishing village, with stretch streets and colourful buildings. It is not particularly elegant, but here you can breathe the real smell of the lake and the nature. From the small tourist harbour you can admire the other towns of the Lake, as Bellagio or Menaggio: from there you can observe the changing in the lake before a storm… Something magic!

Orrido of Bellano
Orrido (a very deep ravine, literally “horrid”) of Bellano stems from the strength of Pioverna river, whose icy waters dug deep into the Valsassina mountains, eroding then to create an amazing gorge. Exploring it isn’t a physical challenge, because the path is equipped with walkways and viewpoints … But the sheer power of nature and the deafening sounds of the water flow take your breath away, and you’re left admiring Orrido stuck in an astonished yet respectful silence.

Sanctuary of Lezzeno
By the tradition, on 6th August 1688, a farmer stopped at a chapel dedicated to Madonna, and after his pray he saw that the statue was crying blood. He ran to its family and to the priest, and all together to Milan. After that, the Sanctuary was built on a hill, from where you can admire and dominate Lake Como. The Sanctuary is rich of ornaments and now it is a destination for pilgrims, especially for the tradition of welcoming to visitors and families.

Fish Menu
Lake Como fish is a first-class quality product. Missoltino, a particular version of dried twite shad served with special sauces, is a must-taste. The lake twite shad is an anchovies old relative, trapped centuries ago into the lake following the thaw, it adapted since then to the new enviroment. The salting and drying of fishes are ancient habits, dating back up to the medieval times. The seasonal twite shad fishing time begins late spring: a fixture coveted by the small villages on the coast.

Sentiero del Viandante
A green itinerary through history and nature: Sentiero del Viandante (Wayfarer Track) is what you are searching for! The route connects Abbadia Lariana to Perledo following the footsteps of ancient Romans, who opened this track to reach the small and isolated towns on the lakeshore. Along the path let yourself be taken back in time, listening to the voice of nature and smelling scents still unchanged even after all these centuries.

Sailing Cruise on Lake Como
Bellano, thanks to its strategic position, it is perfect as starting point for sailing excursions on Lake Como. During all year a thermal wind blows, its local name is Breva: it blows from the South from midday to the sundown; Breva guarantees an amazing condition for sailing on the blue water of Lake Como.
For the timid, you can stay on the lake front of Bellano on Lake Como and admire the dance of white sails on the body of water in front of the beautiful towns placed on the Eastern side of Lake Como.


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