5 Questions to a Wedding Planner

The specialists of wedding on Lake Como

Five questions to discover the secrets of wedding planners on Lake Como and the reality behind the luxurious and memorable VIP parties, in marvelous villas and gardens, with extraordinary guest as well as the absurd requests of brides! Cinzia and Valentina answer to some curious questions, remaining professional and discreet. Two main skills to plan dreaming weddings on the shore of Lake Como.

Which is the most requested location?

Obviously Villa Balbianello and Villa Pizzo are the most requested: the first one for the unique position on the amazing promontory, the second for the breath-taking terrace that has conquered the heart of John Legend and Crissy Teigen.

What is the strangest question for a wedding on Lake Como?

A couple wants celebrate the ceremony in a wood, so they looks for a wood directly on the lake. Almost strange 😉

Have you recieve request for thematic weddings?

Yes, many. One is about the theme of The Great Gatsby: ’20 parties are the new trend.

Are the brides and brooms dreaming a wedding on Lake Como, or is Lake Como perfect to achieve their dreams?

Both of them; Lake Como offers a romantic frame, with breath-taking views, marvelous sunsets that reflect on the surrounding mountains and the sound of the waves are the perfect music for the wedding. The dream to reach the location with a luxurious Riva is absolutely a plus that the brides and brooms can’t give up!

There is a wedding you will remember forever?

Each celebration, each event, but also each couple is unique and special; as far as sumptuous or simple is the level of the event, the emotions that the brides and brooms give us to enjoy their great day, what we have created together, all these things make certainly unforgettable for us!

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